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Manuel Canovas Scented Candles

Available in the following sizes, with approxmiate burning times:

Small - 35g, 10 hours

Medium - 125g, 35 to 40 hours

Large - 200g, 60 hours


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Available in the following scents:

Bois de Lune
A rich, velvety, woody note with red cedar, rosewood, Chinese tea and wild berries. Colour - Brown

Brune et d’Or
Sensuous and oriental note with cinnamon, myrrh and vanilla. Colour - Orange

Empire Celeste
Voluptuous and exotic note with rose, violet, orange blossom and wallflower. Colour - Purple

Fleur de Coton
Green and pastoral note with wild everlasting, linden flower, white-thorn and morning dew. Colour - Aqua

Jardin de Lantana
A whirlwind of luminous and fresh notes with vervein, lantana, mango, blackcurrant bud, mint leaves and coconut. Colour - Dark Green

Martin de Perles
Soft and light note, peony, forget-me-not, osmanthus and acacia wood. Colour - Grey

Nuit de Serendip
Flowery and sensual note with freesia, tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom. Colour - Blue

Opus Incertum
Sweet note, furze, acacia flower, fresh hazelnut, blue camomile and white cedar. Colour - Green

Palais d'Eté
Floral note with jasmine, lily of the valley, peony, honeysuckle. Colour - Pink

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